I lost my kid at the virtual Carnival

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of cotton candy, a large turkey leg, and fried anything possible. Now open them and imagine your-self 12 years old throwing baseballs at china for they cute bear that you just have to have. In front of your eyes you see the plates leaning on a wall on top of some old wood. In your ears, the usual carnival tune is playing and around you see red and white tents. With the help of virtual reality googles and a little imagination, Funhouse is one of the most immersive games I have played since a kid. This game does a fabulous job at creating a spatial presence.  The idea is just that a game (or any other media from books to movies) creates spatial presence when the user starts to feel like he is “there” in the world that the game creates. All you need is to add some overpriced funnel cake and I would say that Fun House makes you feel as “there” as you can get.  Fun House easily covers all three steps to make special presence happen. According to Jamie Madigan, the first step to spatial presence happens when the player can create the image in their mind that the game creator is trying to display. Fun House does this by simply through the virtual reality concept. The tunes and color scheme add on to the image the player relates in his or her head.  Fun House brought the most enjoyable parts of a carnival and left the annoying ones. For example, they chose to play the typical carnival music that you can relate to. A lot of people that go to carnival to play the featured games can get annoyed with screaming children and sounds of the half-assembled roller coasters. They avoid that by leaving that out even though it could make other players more immersed into the game. Step three. They profit.




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This roller coaster was at almost every carnival with screaming kids on it taking their first roller coaster ride.